Saturday, 4 October 2014

A Few Pics...

We've been on a few outings of late with the nicer weather, which is great news for my wife who hates the cold. These first images are from around the Lockyer Valley.

Black Kites

Restless Flycatcher

This little guy we found down at the camp grounds at Koreelah National Park which was a beautiful spot. We'll definitely be back here at some stage to go camping and hiking.

Variegated Fairy-wren

After having a look around Koreelah National Park, we drove through the Condamine Gorge also known as the Cambanoora Gorge and crossed the Condamine River 14 times. A nice drive although it was a bit deeper in places than expected. We then drove to Queen Mary Falls and did the walk to the bottom of the falls. These images are from the walk and around the shop at the caravan park.

Brown Thornbill

Crimson Rosella

King Parrot

We then drove to the waterhole at Durikai State Forest where we found a few new honeyeater species. They proved too elusive to capture in a decent photo however this Leaden Flycatcher posed nicely.

Leaden Flycatcher

These last few are from our trek this morning in Redwood Park from saddle up to Bridge Street via the Eagles Nest Trail and then back again, about 6 or 7 klms up the Toowoomba Range.

Little (Rufous) Shrike-thrush

Leaden Flycatcher

Regent Bowerbird